Algo 8186 Horn Speaker


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  • Loud ringer / pager / intercom
  • IP66 rated for outdoor use
  • Ideal for yards / outdoor areas and noisy environments
  • Dual SIP extensions for loud ringing and / or paging
  • Dynamic volume control responsive to ambient noise levels.
  • Talkback capable speaker.
  • Can play customised WAV files
  • PoE only - must be powered either by a PoE network switch or PoE injector

  • The Algo 8186 is a PoE wideband SIP horn speaker which is weatherproof and suitable for voice paging. Loud ringing and emergency/safety/security notification and alerting in both indoor and outdoor environments. Complete with an IP66 rated outer casing, this device can be installed in harsh environments without compromising audio quality.

    Providing the ideal solution for loud, spacious environments such as factories, warehouses, outdoor work yards and schools. The Algo 8186 features wideband G.722 codec support for optimum speech clarity and intelligibility. With an integrated microphone which enables talkback and listens to ambient noise, the speaker automatically increases page volume when necessary. This feature ensures a consistent ratio of page to ambient noise is maintained. With dual SIP extensions the speaker supports both voice paging and notification in one end point.


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