make your business resilient to extreme events and continue to trade by planning ahead with the right voip set up

Climate change is the biggest issue we face today, and will effect every part of our lives. Hopes are high with the current discussions and agreements being made in Glasgow this week, which will lay the foundations to make a positive lasting change.

What's this got to do with voip you say, well in a fast changing world of extreme weather and volatile energy prices businesses need to be agile and navigate through without unexpected expenses or disruption which could wipe out all your hard work and profit. 

Its all about planning planning planning! a comprehensive business continuity plan is key to ensuring your business can survive and carry on trading in the event of a cyber attack, a flooded office or warehouse, increased running costs and of course covid. Knowing how various issues can affect you and how you can mitigate them is key to achieving minimal impact and maintaining your business.

For the inexperienced there are various consultants, websites and insurers who can help or point you in the right direction for free or at a cost.

Having the right technology is a major factor in ensuring your business can continue in the event of extreme weather, such as cloud based servers and emails and you guested it voip equipment so you can keep in contact with your customers at any time or location with no impact on service.

With the right voip equipment you can call or Teams your customers in the office, warehouse, factory or home office whenever you want in an flexible, affordable and hassle free way so can keep your business going even if your office is under 2 metres of water!

We offer free helpful advice on what voip set up works for you. Call, chat of email us today

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